OLBA Glue Canister 200ml


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A high-quality product for 1001 applications.
Olba Glue Kit is odorless, transparent and acid-free, UV resistant, paintable and can be used both indoors and outdoors, does not affect styropor. Olba Glue Kit is easy and economical to use and has a long shelf life.
Due to the various uses, anyone large or small hobbyist or specialist can experience a lot of fun with Olba Glue Kit.

Applications:3 D card
Technique Odourless, transparent and fast curing, does not sag, glue can be stored for weeks in a dosing syringe, longer than 1.5 years in a tube.

Acid-free adhesive sealant with permanent adhesion and great to work with because of our various fine dosing syringes.

Transparent adhesive sealant great for (Glass) mosaic, can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Model making
Many plastics (including Plexiglas, Perplex, Hard PVC, Lexan) MDF, plywood, concrete and natural stone.

Can be used as cold glue for dry flowers, shells, natural glass pieces, textiles, etc. Too many to mention, also suitable as a children’s craft kit from about 7 years.

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